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Our aim is to breed functionally effective animals which are fertile, hardy, and adapted to extreme conditions.

Only animals which meet these standards are used for stud, or offered for sale.

What Makes The Tuli Breed So Special...

The Tuli is a pure indigenous breed but classified as a Bos Taurus – Bos Taurus “africanus” by some. DNA tests have linked them to cattle living in Africa as long ago as 2000 years. Over centuries in Africa nature has selected the hardiest animals. Tulis have a natural resistance to tick-borne diseases and parasites. Tulis are medium framed which give them a survival advantage under less than ideal conditions. They have very smooth coats in solid colours. These range through shades of white, yellow, light red, dark red, dagha and brown but no black. The lighter coloured Tulis are in demand because of their ability to withstand high temperatures - a big plus with the predicted global warming becoming more and more of a reality.

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