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I farm in the Northern Cape, more specifically in the Britstown district, in the heart of the Karoo. With a rainfall of 225mm per annum it is a recognized sheep farming area!

The high incidence of stock theft and proliferation of vermin in our area brought me to the realization in 2008, that if I wanted to have a sustainable future on the family farm, where all my sentiments lie, I would have to add a cattle factor to my farming practice.

The older farmers did not think much of my idea and, in fact, cautioned me against it. The main obstacle according to them was that the Karoo is not a recognized cattle farming area.

I started my research on which cattle breed could, with the minimum input costs, convert most effectively into meat in this uncompromising Karoo. At the time I was buying Dorper rams from Rikus van der Merwe who also farms in the Britstown district. I discussed my dilemma regarding an envisaged cattle breed with him and he showed me his cattle (West Front Tuli Stud). 

As we were walking among the peaceful herd Rikus could not stop praising the good traits of the Tulis. No persuasion was needed to convince me that they were perfectly adapted as it was dry with precious little grass, and the animals were in excellent condition. To crown it all every cow had a calf at foot! He showed me a Tuli journal and right there I was bitten by the Tuli bug. I started reading and studying photos till late that night.

What I had seen in the veld, regarding the breed, compared well with what I read. The decision was easy and I soon acquired my first Tulis. I have not regretted it once. My veld is now optimally utilized and losses to stock theft and vermin are limited to the minimum.

The characteristics which make the Tulis so exceptional, are mentioned in the ’home page’.

Like Rikus and all other Tuli farmers, I now cannot stop talking about this wonderful breed! Should I have to describe the Tuli in a few words, these would be “It is a readymade  boerbees!!!"

In 2012 my brother Colin, a businessman/farmer in the Cradock district also took an interest in Tuli cattle.  We rented extra land and he bought more cattle which we manage together as the Donkerhoek Tuli Stud. In 2015 he expanded further to Tarkastad where we now also farm withTulis.  We make a good team and our aim is to breed top quality Tulis. In the process we hope that our efforts will benefit the Tuli breed, as well as meat production in general, in SA.